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Wolfwraith (by John Bushore)


Author: John Bushore
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Length: Novel
Genre/s: Paranormal/Suspense/Horror
Violence Level: 2
Heat Level: 2

eBook: 9781615723454

Print: 9781615723461

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Why is someone—or something—killing campers in remote False Cape Park? Autopsies reveal their throats have been torn out by a large canine. Locals recall a colonial-times legend of the Wolfwraith.

New ranger, Shadow Fletcher, a one-handed Native American, feels ancient evil as he finds body after body, while park authorities try to cover everything up.He becomes the main suspect, which dredges up old secrets, yet he finds romance in the midst of an F.B.I. investigation. Finally a clue: the hair of a long-dead wolf clutched in the fingers of his murdered best friend.
Shadow battles a raging hurricane to confront the Wolfwraith, save his new love, and solve the mystery of the cover-up.

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    This book is GREAT. It was hard to put down. A very good read especially for those familiar with the Virginia Beach area. It reminded me of the genre of Tony Hillerman (may he rest in peace). I would love to hear more about Shadow and the rest of the characters. ~ raday, Amazon Reviewer

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