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Wolf Man (by John Reinhard Dizon)


Author: John Reinhard Dizon
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Length: Novella
Genre/s: Horror/Supernatural
Violence: 4
Heat Level: 1

eBook: 9781629291116

Print: 9781629291123


One beautiful woman. One underworld conspiracy. One silver bullet.

Photojournalist Steve Lurgan returns from the War in Kosovo under an ancient curse and falls in love with a Serbian national in modern-day NYC. Jana Dragana’s career is being compromised by her drug addiction, but her exploiters end up as victims of a mysterious attack dog. NYPD detective, Darko Lucic suspects the murders are part of a larger conspiracy. It is the presence of Serbian Army Captain, Bojan Evilenko in NYC that makes him believe the answers lie in an underground network of human organ traffickers in this unique tale of intrigue and supernatural horror.

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7 Responses to Wolf Man (by John Reinhard Dizon)


    A Werewolf with a heart? Loved this new take on an old legend.

    I received a complimentary copy of Wolf Man in return for a fair and unbiased review. Being a life-long fan of the whole werewolf/vampire/ things that go bump in the night genre, I expected more of the usual, run-of-the-mill tooth and claw slasher fest, but, i was more than pleasantly surprised to find that the author had introduced a number of new elements to the story. First of all, we have a modern setting, as war correspondent Steve Lurgan visits war-torn Kosovo, where he falls victim to the bit of a wolf, with the inevitable consequences! Not for Mr. Dizon the usual, man becomes werewolf, kills all in sight and is shot by a hero touting a rifle loaded with silver bullets. No, instead we find that the hero of this book is in fact Steve Lurgan himself, who finds a way to keep the beast inside him under some form of control as vestiges of humanity remain with the heart and mind of the transformed beast, a transformation by the way that is brilliabtly described in the pages of the book. Lurgan even finds himself falling in love with the beautiful Jana, and then becomes embroiled in a quest to put an end to an obscene human trafficking ring, an organs for sale enterprise with its roots set deep in the organised crime cartels of Easter Europe. This book had me enthralled b y the end of the third chapter and I found myself reading the whole thing from cover to cover in just over twenty four hours, it really did have me gripped, (caught in the lair of the Wolf Man, perhaps?). The ending took me by surprise and left me feeling a little shocked and disappointed at first, but then, in one final, short, but telling paragrpah, the author lifted my hopes of a possible follow-up to Wolf Man. Let’s hope it won’t be long in coming! Highly recommended! ~ Sashadoo, Amazon Reviewer


    Unique and Entertaining

    I’ve never read a book about werewolves before. I’ve only seen them on TV shows, where the stories are usually silly. But this book is anything but silly. The unrequited love story between Steve and Jana is set against a complex backdrop of Serbian and Albanian hostilities, organ trafficking, drug trade, kidnapping of homeless teenagers, and so on. If you take out the werewolf, the story would still have a strong leg to stand on with all the dark underworld characters. But once you add in the werewolf, then you are adding in the impossible–where anything can happen and it does.
    I read it in one sitting and could have read more if it was a longer book. The end has me confused. The mystery buff in me has to figure it out. I never leave a mystery unsolved. Maybe the author wants to leave us with an air of uncertainty. Whatever the case, the book had me pay attention and think. And that is all that I could ask for. ~ Susanne Leist, Amazon Reviewer


    A new spin on a classic tale!

    Dizon takes a new spin on the classic werewolf tale. Steve Lurgan is a photojournalist bitten by a werewolf while tracking down an illegal organ harvesting ring in Kosovo. Throughout the novella he wavers between believing that he is in charge of his own beast and realizing that he cannot control it entirely. Add in his love interest–the beautiful but troubled Jana–and you have a recipe for a great tragic romance. ~ Katrina Rhodes, Amazon Reviewer

    More than lycanthropy follows Lurgan back from Kosovo, however, as Captain Evilenko pursues the cursed man with the intent of harnessing the werewolf’s powers for his own purpose. Jana gets drawn into the mix as Evilenko realizes that she is the best way to draw out Lurgan. Meanwhile, Lurgan teams up with the enigmatic Darko, a cop who feels that the werewolf is the lesser evil compared to Evilenko, and together they work to overthrow the dastardly captain and rescue Jana.

    This story has it all- a werewolf, unrequited love, and plenty of heart thumping action as Lurgan dodges the police whilst unleashing the wolf to foil Evilenko’s nefarious plans.


    A lot under the surface

    A fast, complex, and very well researched story. My only complaint is that it was so short, I want more. Lurgan has complexities to him that you don’t often find in this kind of story. The conflicts within him are what I found most appealing about Wolf Man. At the core is a battle to hold on to humanity, in both Lurgan and Dragana, but for completely different reasons. The parallels between New York and Kosovo are striking and haunting. I grew up in NYC during the late 70s and 80s, and organ trafficking in the city fits perfectly with what I remember. ~ Booklover, Amazon Reviewer


    Pulse Pounding Action

    Wolf Man by John R. Dizon is a pulse pounding action adventure novella with a supernatural twist. The scene is set in New York although frequently reverts to past events and legends in Europe within the Serbia area. Steve Lurgan is an attractive international photojournalist whom returned to the states after an episode in the Accursed Mountains while researching a human organ smuggling ring. In New York he makes friends with the beautiful Mirjana, a Serbian who fled to America becoming a model/ actress. Steve finds his past crashing into his present and Mirjana as a damsel in distress. ~ Erika, Amazon Reviewer

    This novella has it all; a magnetic attraction begging for romance, a horrifying bloodthirsty beast, and a cornucopia of action. Character names such as Evilenko, Darko and Mirjana assist in giving a surreal quality to the story.The plot flows smoothly and is guided by the varying twists and turns which culminate into an explosive ending.

    An awesome read that invites a sequel!


    When the world of organ traffickers meets its match: fast-moving, well-written, highly recommended

    I have just finished reading two gripping crime thrillers by John Reinhard Dizon, WOLFMAN and TIARA. Having read the two of them in quick succession, I really feel that I have begun to come to grips with the ‘war-spy-crime-thriller’ genre and the character of an author whose background as a musician, pro-wrestler and writer must be a “front” for a past career as a spy, soldier of fortune or undercover police operative – though we’ll never know this for sure. Everything he writes testifies to an intimate knowledge of Uzis, AK-47s, rocket grenades and the dirty sides of the two of the most vicious and enduring conflicts in recent history: the relatively brief but genocidal war in the Balkans and the decades-long murderous struggle in Northern Ireland.

    WOLFMAN is a short novel or novella set in both the Accursed Mountains along the Albanian border in Kosova and in the seamy streets of New York controlled by drug-dealers and traffickers in human body parts. The blighted hero is photojournalist Steve Lurgan who escapes death in Kosova only to find it return to haunt him as only a living death can. He desperately tries to believe that he can find love, leaving behind him a trail of carnage as he battles the dregs of criminal life while avoiding police scrutiny and trying to save the woman he loves at a distance from a gradual descent into her own personal hell. Lurgan’s character is well-drawn and believable despite the transformations he undergoes. The description of little-known criminal sidelines carried on during the war in Kosova and echoed in the streets of New York are frightening and intensely realistic. This is a fast moving, spirited, leanly written and action-packed short novel that deserves the epithet of being “a real page turner” that keeps you in suspense until the very end. It is highly recommended. ~ ozzieinfrance, Amazon Reviewer


    Wolf Man puts the human back in the wolf

    There are many stories about werewolves that are cookie-cut from each other. The same could be said of vampire or zombie tales. Unfortunately what can happen is the author reaches too far out on the limb to try and make the story ‘unique’, often fiddling with tried and true ingredients of legendary folklore to the point one would wonder from what mind-set the writer was trying to go.

    Fortunately, Wolf Man by J.R. Dizon is not one of those.

    Extremely detailed and vividly written, the story focuses on three to four principle characters whose lives are as different and dissident as life can be itself. The main character Steve Jurgan finds himself trapped between the bloodlust of the primitive nature he endures, and his desire to use his abilities almost as a quest of self-reconciliation; even justification. This makes for a very interesting protagonist. Dizons story jumps into the lives of those who are in the circle but not jaggedly. Everything comes together nicely in the end.

    Well done! Looking forward to more. ~ Steve Soderquist, Amazon Reviewer

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