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Spiritwood (by G.J. Wise)


Author: G.J. Wise
Cover Artist: Ash Arceneaux
Length: Plus-Novel
Genre: Horror / Paranormal
Violence: 4
Heat: 1

eBook: 9781629291772

Print: 9781629291789

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The town of Spiritwood gets its name from an Indian legend that tells of spirits living in the woods surrounding the town…the thing is, the legend is true.

There is an evil held captive in the vast wilderness surrounding the town of Spiritwood. When Jed Guiness buys a place and moves to Spiritwood from Chicago, he accidently unleashes that evil. Now, he and a handful of others must try to re-capture that evil before the entire town is destroyed.

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7 Responses to Spiritwood (by G.J. Wise)


    I found the writing down to earth and easy to follow

    I’ve read several of G.J. Wise’s short stories and am thrilled to finally see his work placed into a novel. I found the writing down to earth and easy to follow. Descriptive in nature and captivating to a reader. I was pulled into the book and felt myself turning pages, reading faster and trying to guess what could possibly happen. I loved this book and cannot wait to read more!
    As a side note, I read this book outside of my normal literary preference and was surprisingly shocked. I literally did not put my kindle down from chapter 3 until the last page…it was really THAT interesting. Native American folklore, tied in with spousal abuse and some very interesting twists and turns of the psyche held my attention thoroughly. Awesome read!!! ~ Heather, Amazon Review


    A Great Disturbing Horror Story!

    Wow. G.J. Wise is a great storyteller. Spiritwood is a very dark and disturbing horror story about the darkness inside the soul and what it takes to fight that evil. Spiritwood takes the reader down the twisted path into the abyss and makes you wonder if you will come back out again.

    I really enjoyed the book, even if I had to set it down a few times because it was almost overwhelming. The ending was a little abrupt, I would have liked to have seen a little more of the aftermath of the events, but otherwise it was brilliantly scary.

    This book is great for diehard horror fans, but generally I would not recommend it for those under the age of 18 due to the extreme graphic nature of the violence and other mature themes. (I know a younger reader will be tempted to read this after reading a couple Stephen King novels, thinking they can handle anything…to them I say, be careful what you wish for. G.J. Wise’s Spiritwood is scary than many of King’s works.) ~ Terri, Amazon Review


    A chilling tale of a small Wisconsin town…

    I felt myself being transported to a small Wisconsin town whose inhabitants appeared to be much like my neighbors. The dark twists and turns G.J. wise takes his reader on are thrilling to say the least! I read it before bed and it made for interesting dreams! It is a book written in the tradition of King and Koontz, a “hair on the back of your neck raising” story that will keep you turning pages until the end. ~ Speech Diva, Amazon Review


    A gripping tale

    An evil is unleashed on a quiet town, driving its citizens mad. The story flows well and was unpredictable and entertaining. The most interesting thing to me was the nature of the townsfolk as they descended into madness and how quickly their society collapsed. It seemed to be a realistic reminder of how fragile this civilized life that we’ve constructed for ourselves really is. ~ Daryl Burns, Amazon Review


    It was written in the manner of one of my favorite authors (Stephen King) Looking forward to his next book

    From the moment I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. It was written in the manner of one of my favorite authors (Stephen King) Looking forward to his next book. Awesome read. Would recommend this book to all horror/fiction buffs. ~ Maureen Blaylock, Amazon Review


    Very hard to put down.

    I really enjoyed this. The character development was exceptional. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes the suspense, horror genre. It reminded me of books like “IT” and “The Stand” from a style perspective. I can’t wait to read other offerings from the author. ~ Alan Babb, Amazon Review


    Fantastic page turner!

    Loved this novel. The characters were well developed and the plot was delightfully creepy. I devoured this book way too quickly! I can’t wait for more from this author. ~ T. Woods, Amazon Review

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