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Silver’s Treason (by Clifford W. Dunbar)


Author: Clifford W. Dunbar
Cover Artist: Cinsearae Santiago
Length: Novel
Genre/s: Science Fiction/Adventure/Supernatural
Violence: 3
Heat: 2

eBook: 9781615724079

Print: 9781615724086

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Lost in the Colombian rainforest, only his supernatural canine companion can keep this American soldier alive.

Caught in the crossfire between paramilitaries, drug dealers, rebel guerrillas, and the Colombian Army, US Army Private Jeff Thompson and Silver, his K9 companion, are forced to make their way through the jungles of southwestern Colombia to rescue a drug lord’s daughter held captive by rebel guerrillas. Silver, the product of a decades-old breeding project overseen by the American military, possesses supernatural abilities that are barely under her control. When Jeff is surprised by a payoff from the drug lord and seduced by his beautiful daughter, the US Army believes he has gone over to the other side and sends a Retrieval Team after him, with a powerful dog of its own.

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5 Responses to Silver’s Treason (by Clifford W. Dunbar)


    Enjoyed it a lot!

    The fact that I was so involved from the beginning shows how engaging the writing is. I loved the main character, and thought all the characters were very well written. I really liked the ending a lot too. This was an entertaining and involving read. Looking forward to more from Dunbar. ~ Bren, Amazon Reviewer


    Action Packed Ride!

    It took me forever to reach this book in the TBR pile, but I was no less excited to read it after the five month wait! Clifford W. Dunbar’s fast-paced, action-packed, detail-laden adventure was easy to get sucked into! I am an animal lover and a scientist, so the genetically modified canines definitely caught my interest immediately. Each character’s multifaceted personality, including those of the four-legged variety, felt real and relatable. The descriptions and dialogue pushed the boundary of my imagination — a full-scale action movie blasted through my head! I enjoyed the setting as well as the military jargon, which was surprisingly easy-to-understand. I only wish that some of the sections had not been so gritty and graphic; sometimes they made me lose sight of what I had previously been reading. Overall, I was thoroughly entertained for the couple of hours that it took me to read Silver’s Treason, and I really hope that there is a sequel coming soon – the ending was great! (No spoilers!). ~ The Paperback Pursuer, Amazon Review


    Couldn’t put it down!

    I’m lost in a sea of responsibilities, tasks to complete, and people to take care of, and I come across this book. Hours pass and I cannot put it down. The book engages me well into the night. With so much going on around me, it rarely happens that I cannot put down a book. Or disengage myself from the topic and characters that come alive into living, breathing beings in my mind. I’m right there in the Colombian rain forest, dodging bullets and battling bad guys and I keep reading… until it’s all over. What a shame that it’s over. Mr. Clifford W. Dunbar, please tell me you’ve got a sequel coming soon. ~ Elizabeth, Amazon Reviewer


    Psychokinetic Action Adventure

    This book is awesome to say the least. Clifford Dunbar has an amazing ability to vividly describe the characters, location and action. It feels like you’re in the humid jungles of Columbia. I enjoy how he breaks down terms in the event that it is not familiar with the reader. It would be a crime for any action adventure lover to miss out on this book.

    I can’t wait for his next adventure. ~ Jac, Amazon Reviewer


    Good read

    The book is an exciting read with great moments of suspense and details that create a motion picture going on in your own mind. I thoroughly enjoyed the creativity involved in the characters and how their personalities were. I would highly recommend this book to young teens and adults for a fun fictional read. The connection between the 2 main characters is an intense and powerful part of the novel. ~ Natalie Pulid, Amazon Reviewer

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