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Seven Secrets (by Ray Clark)


Author: Ray Clark
Cover Artist: Ash Arceneaux
Length: Plus-Novel
Genre/s: Horror/Crime
Violence Level: 4

eBook: 9781629291932


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Hell had seven secrets. They’re all missing. Prey you don’t meet one!

Whitby—1835: a schooner runs aground in a violent storm. The crew and the human cargo are presumed dead, save one, and he makes no sense. Pickering Station—1855: authorities find an abandoned train. It carried inmates for a nearby asylum and there is no trace of what had happened to them.

Beck Hole—1864: a serious incident forces a railway station to close; it is sealed up to keep something in.

Present Day: NYMR passengers are abducted and butchered. Police find bodies without hearts at main railway stations. Inspector Arthur White takes the case—his last before retirement. A piece of evidence leads him to a doctor who experimented on patients in the past.White discovers many local people vanished during the doctors reign. When he finds out the connection between the doctors activities and missing people today, he must overcome his most personal fear and put his life on the line.

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One Response to Seven Secrets (by Ray Clark)


    Completely different to anything else I have read.

    Certainly kept me interested and needing to guess if my assumption of the person responsible for the crimes was correct. Ray has a very imaginative mind, resulting in a most entertaining, deep and dark storyline. ~ Pam Jordan, Amazon Reviewer

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