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The Ruiner (by Jeff Somers)


Author: Jeff Somers
Cover Artist: Cinsearae Santiago
Length: Novella
Genre: Dark Comedy
Violence: 1
Heat: 1

eBook: 9781629291291

Print: 9781629291307

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Every Wedding Has a Ruiner.

Thomas Massery has always had a way…with the ladies, with a good bottle of booze, and with a sarcastic quip. Attending a wedding along with three ex-wives is bad enough. Being seated with them gets his dander up. When he sees the bride escaping her own reception, he decides to use his powers for evil…and not for the first time. Because this isn’t the first evening Thomas Massery has ruined for everyone.

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4 Responses to The Ruiner (by Jeff Somers)


    Another great read!

    If you’re thinking about reading this author’s other work but want a taste test, start here for a great and quick example of how he can tell a hilarious and screwed up story in such a short amount of time. It’s a hilarious book that’ll have you page turning faster and faster the whole way through, as the main character proves to be one of the most like able jerks men and women have ever seen.

    If you like dark and twisted humor, functioning alcoholics, and what the hell, weddings, this is a great choice! ~ Zachary A. Surprenant, Amazon Review


    A fine short story

    A nice short novella about a man and his ability to ruin things such as marriages (well sort of). I enjoyed it and the character Thomas Massery and his interactions with the various characters in the story. The Ruiner was pretty entertaining and I would not be against seeing more of this character in the future. ~ Matt, Amazon Review


    One of the things I love most about Jeff Somers’ writing is his unique ability …

    One of the things I love most about Jeff Somers’ writing is his unique ability to make me feel the emotion, feel the action, feel the tension in every scene he writes. As an author myself, I study his work to learn from the master.

    In The Ruiner, we meet main character Tom Massery at the wedding reception for a couple he’s not sure he even likes. It’s obvious that the bride isn’t too fond of him – she seats him at a table with all of his ex-wives – well, the three who are still alive. (Which is honestly another book I’d like to read.) In fact, after reading the story, I’ve concluded that [spoiler] Mr. Ambrose’s presence at the wedding is clearly another of the bride’s attempts to punish Tom for past misdeeds. The opening scene plunks me down in a bar that I didn’t just see – I could smell it and hear it, too. This is pure magic right here and damn it, I need to know the secret to performing that illusion.

    The entire story takes place during the reception and I swear to you, you can feel the walls closing in on Mr. Massery.

    Another of Jeff Somers’ gifts is being able to make you want to read about a guy who quite honestly, is not nice. Nobody does this better. Jeff takes a guy who, by his own admission, isn’t particularly bright or handsome, but makes you want to know what happens to him – even if it’s only so you can pat yourself on the back for NOT being as bad. I’ve seen another reviewer describe this is as the trainwreck – you don’t want to look, but you can’t not look and have to agree.

    Read this for watching atypical characters get in an out of trouble, read it for the sheer brilliance in the prose, read it to find out just how badly this wedding gets ruined but for God’s sake, read it. ~ Patricia Blount, Amazon Review


    Five Stars

    Fantastic short novel picking up where Chum left off. ~ David Logiudice, Amazon Review

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