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Partners in Slime, 13 Tales of Horror and the Bizarre (by Michael McCarty and Mark McLaughlin)


Authors: Michael McCarty and Mark McLaughlin
Cover Artist: Matt Truiano
Length: Novel
Genre/s: Horror/Dark Fantasy/ Science Fiction/Supernatural/Surrealism/Monster Fiction
Violence: 2.5
Heat: 1.5

eBook: 9781615723492

Print: 9781615723508


Monsters are the order of the day … and the midnight hour … with this book. Partners in Slime is a collection of horrific short stories by ‘Partners in Slime’ Michael McCarty and Mark McLaughlin. Here you will find a gruesome collection of vile monsters and human freaks—everything from the insect-god Ghattambah to ravenous zombies to wicked little Baby Caligula.

Partners in Slime includes the long stories Giant Cockroaches from Outer Space by Michael McCarty, and The Nightmare Quadrant by Mark McLaughlin. You’ll never look at a cockroach or a praying mantis the same way again after you read these two stories. Giant Cockroaches from Outer Space concerns jumbo-sized aliens who happen to resemble … and act like … a certain abhorred Earth pest, while The Nightmare Quadrant tells of a vintage supernatural TV show that lasted for only one episode, because of its creator’s bizarre secret … a secret stranger than any horror movie.

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3 Responses to Partners in Slime, 13 Tales of Horror and the Bizarre (by Michael McCarty and Mark McLaughlin)


    Grotesque and charming horror that keeps you laughing too
    When sci-fi geek stoners come across the best light show in the form of a spacecraft, they’re barely surprised to see large cockroaches step out with buggy eyes and drippy mandibles. We might not be surprised either, given the novella’s title “Giant Cockroaches from Outer Space” (part of the collection Partners in Slime), but then the cockroach aliens speak. And that was the first time I burst out laughing. And the laughter continued to the end.

    Their first greeting to the earth beings is a joke, and they continue chatting in colloquial English dialect that’s a startling and funny contrast to our expectations. At the same time, these aliens are sniffing Black Flag, getting high, breaking into giggles while explaining their plight to the equally high humans.

    Circumstances lead them to moving in with these two wasted college students, where they come to love MTV, and make their own rap song, “Bug Bug Buggin,” which are, um, the only words. Things turn even weirder (and funnier) as the roach aliens get hooked on a vampire show and want to be vampires, because vampires, of course, get all the chicks. Except most vampires don’t design their capes from … I won’t divulge that because to say too much is to ruin the fun of wordplay (like bringing the robot Bong along) and the unexpected reversals of our expectations. ~ Patricia J. Esposito, Amazon, Reviewer


    Absolute Pleasure
    Together and separately, both Michael McCarty and Mark McLaughlin have given me many hours of reading pleasure. I’m no good with long haul flights and really have a tough time with them since a particularly nasty time in the middle east but these two tickle the funny bones in such a way that the time passes without me noticing it. Brisbane, Australia to Los Angeles passes by easily with a book by either Michael McCarty and/or Mark McLaughlin and I’ve not had so much fun reading since the late lamented Richard Laymon passed on. When times are tough, Michael and Mark fills the void more than adequately. ~ M.W. Ashworth, Amazon Reviewer


    Great Collaboration of stories!
    I enjoyed the collaboration of stories between Michael McCarty and Mark McLaughlin. The book offers several different types of stories from monsters, science fiction and crazy freaks.

    I did enjoy all the stories but I really loved Klowny. See I have a weakness for evil clowns. The beginning of the story was a little sad but I loved how Klowny developed into one evil villain. How the story was written was genius and had me laughing at times. I think Klowny needs his own spin off.

    Great read and I highly recommend. ~ Sheri A. Gambino, Amazon Reviewer

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