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Lying in Wait (by Robert N. Chan)


Author: Robert N. Chan
Cover Artist: Ash Arceneaux
Length: Novel
Genre/s: Thriller/Horror/Crime
Violence Level: 4
Heat Level: 2

eBook: 9781615729791

Print: 9781615729807

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A sadistic genius has to find an outlet, and is there any better than manipulating and torturing a beautiful, smart, witty, woman who’s been horribly damaged by childhood abuse? Penn Stone creates tabloid-worthy stories by luring former lovers to grisly deaths. Stories are the hallmark of civilization. So when he manipulates and kills, he does it for the sake of civilization. Besides, it’s fun. Beautiful, witty, and damaged, by the unspeakable things done to her when she was abducted at age eleven, Lucinda McConnell seems the perfect victim. To break her will, Penn expertly plays out a twisted scenario, but no longer the defenseless victim, she has other ideas.

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5 Responses to Lying in Wait (by Robert N. Chan)


    Plot Twists and a Twisted Plot

    All in all a great combination. A young Lucinda was kidnapped and tortured. A grown up, screwed up Lucinda sometimes misses those carefree days. Her search for love is a treacherous one. I started reading thinking I’d read a chapter or two but couldn’t put it down. While at times the dark content is painful reading, Author Chan is funny. It’s the humor that makes the tragedy bearable. The story keeps you guessing which makes you have to turn the pages till you get to the satisfying conclusion. I really liked this book. And I’ll be celebrating my week aversaries from now on. ~ Kathleen O’Donnell, Amazon Reviewer


    A Must Read!!!!!

    A psychologically penetrating thriller with a heart and a sense of humor, Lying in Wait is the best book I’ve read in quite some time. Damaged by unspeakable sexual abuse, Lucinda McConnell has constructed a life for herself based on the avoidance of other people. Penn Stone, a sadistic genius, who creates lurid tabloid headlines by luring his former lovers to their deaths, has chosen her as his next victim. But he underestimates Lucinda’s inner strength and ability to engineer a turn of events that even he could not have imagined. ~ J. Mangual, Amazon Reviewer


    Greatest book ever – A must read

    Lying in Wait scared me, but I could not put it down. I had to find out what happens next. The story line is brilliant and entertaining, but very dark. To me this is one of Robert Chan’s best novels ever. I can’t wait for his next book. ~ R. Latham, Amazon Reviewer


    Edge of your Chair Tension

    This novel scared me like no other in recent history of reading edgy books. In light of what happened to those three women we read about recently, who were held in captivity for many years, bad things can happen to good people in real life as well. I like the main character, Lucinda, who becomes an intrepid survivor despite the damaging event in her former life

    Not to be missed; Chan creates despicable characters, but also characters who find the courage, somewhere within, to face evil and to survive. Chan had me on page one. ~ Amazon Customer/Reviewer


    I read the entire book in one sitting; I could not put it down.

    Wow! Twisted but brilliant. Dark as a black hole but bright as an exploding supernova. A fable of the redemptive power of love with enough hate to satisfy the most cynical among us. Terrifying, poignant and heartbreaking, but laugh out loud funny. Lying in Wait is a fable that reminds us how our lives are shaped by tragedy, what we gain and the price we pay. One of the best novels I’ve read in years. If you wish to be moved and astonished, read it. If you want to give a dazzling present, buy it for your friends. ~ Janis Camacho, Amazon Reviewer

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