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A Little Night Fishing (by Chuck Daukas)


Author: Chuck Daukas
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Length: Novel
Genre/s: Paranormal/Thriller/Dark Humor
Violence 5
Heat: 2

eBook: 9781629291178

Print: 9781629291185


You will be afraid to go anywhere near the water.

Hidden by the sea and the fog, he watches. His lust for human flesh has sprouted and grown over a preternaturally long life. Now his hunger is insatiable and he will hide no longer.

On shore, a young, bumbling security guard barely escapes a mind-wrenching encounter, only to find himself all that stands between the thing and humanity, and a multiplying horror that is closer to us than we are to ourselves.

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5 Responses to A Little Night Fishing (by Chuck Daukas)


    Another author worth following!
    Excellent first book from a new author. Now I can’t wait for the next one. The main character in the story is written very well from a perspective that I recognize! Kind of Stephen King flavored, but not like King at all! But if you like horror/fantasy (I DO), this is a welcome new voice that I’m looking forward to reading more of in the future. ~ John M. Aldridge, Amazon Reviewer


    Great summer read

    This is a fun, fast-paced creative intrigue. I kept asking myself, “what next ?” As I followed the unlikely, but very likeable, hero who met one bizarre challenge after another. ~ Cathy P, Amazon Reviewer


    I really enjoyed this book

    I really enjoyed this book. Will grab your attention and hold on. Looking forward to the next book. Great job! ~ Sharon Miconi, Amazon Reviewer


    Lots of fun. I like the writings of Tim Dorsey and …

    Lots of fun. I like the writings of Tim Dorsey and Christopher Moore — “A Little Night Fishing” is very much in this vein. A fun quick read with sympathetic characters, horror/fantasy but mostly a good sense of humor. I understand this was the author’s first book. I’ll be looking forward to the second one! ~ Jeffrey D. Korzenik, Amazon Reviewer


    No doubt the least known title in this list, Chuck Daukas’ A Little Night Fishing is a story that blends carnage and laughs in equal measure. Can you imagine a giant half-man, half-shark emerging from the depths of the ocean to toy with and eventually devour fisherman whole? If you’ve read Daukas’ book, you can certainly imagine it. If you haven’t, well, let your imagination do the hard work for you and you’re still likely to realize the brilliance at work here.

    Think of this one as Nintendo’s Jaws on a hefty dose of hallucinogens. In game format consumers would face the challenges of surviving and thriving both on land and in sea. And what makes Daukas’ novel so amazing is the fact that these creatures induce a state of paralysis both in and out of water. They’re bone chilling. There’s no safe zone in this story, and gamers who crave a challenge would no doubt appreciate an unwavering conflict, all cards stacked against them at all times!

    Whether you’re in the mood to tackle Real Horror Stories or something else altogether, it’s hard to argue the potential that these five novels could present in game formation. Now it’s time for one of these genius game developers to get down to business and make the dreams of us horror fans an actual reality fit for all! ~ http://www.horrornovelreviews.com

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