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By the Light of the Moon (by Larry C. Kerr)


Author: Larry C. Kerr
Cover Artist: Matt Truiano
Length: Plus-Novel
Genre: Horror
Violence: 3
Heat: 2

eBook: 9781615723478

Print: 9781615723485

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Small town America. A baseball game on a warm July morning. A boy is running through the outfield. Suddenly, he slips and falls in a cascade of red. After he slides to a stop in a pool of blood and gore, he finds himself looking at a human head. He screams. The terror in tiny Blacksville, Pennsylvania, has begun.

Can newspaper reporter John Reynolds discover who, or what, is killing the people of Blacksville? Will he be able to overcome the effects of his nervous breakdown? Can he trust those around him? Will they trust him? Has he found love in the little town? Will the killer take her? What Reynolds finds in reality is more terrifying than anything he imagined in his darkest moments. Will he survive?

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3 Responses to By the Light of the Moon (by Larry C. Kerr)


    Oh yeah!

    Fast paced and action packed from the very beginning. Believable characters and good story telling made this book enjoyable and I look forward to reading his other novels. ~ R. Ridgeway, Amazon Review


    A great mystery

    I don’t normally read mystery novels but I was hooked from page one. Can’t wait for Larry’s next book. ~ Debra Weber, Amazon Review


    Hometown Hijinks!

    BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON is such an exciting read. Once I started it I was drawn in by not only the gripping story; but, by the references to Fayette County, Pennsylvania! It was so much fun to read a book and actually know the area to which the author refers. Mr. Kerr’s main character, John Reynolds, is actually someone I think would be fun to know! I’m anxiously awaiting the sequel to this book! ~ Maryellen, Amazon Review

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