Hill Magick (by Julia French)


Author: Julia French
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Length: Novel
Genre: Horror/Magic
Violence Level 3
Heat Level: 2

eBook: 9781615729890

Print:  9781615729906

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Product Description

Can Rachel believe enough—and is True powerful enough—to defeat the wizard’s terrible agenda?

Seeking escape from her abusive husband, aspiring columnist Rachel Jeffries travels into the hill country of Massachusetts, where she’s saved from certain death by a self-taught folk healer, True Gannett. Armed only with his great grandfather’s knowledge, can True protect himself and Rachel and stop the swath of destruction started by the powerful magician, Joshua Lembrecht, and his obnoxious familiar?

2 reviews for Hill Magick (by Julia French)

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    Pleasant Surprise

    So, had no clue what to expect. This was just a very nice tale of down to earth magick and flawed logic. I found myself looking forward to reading the next chapter and enjoying the very pragmatic magickal advice of the books co-star, True Gannet.

    The bad guy is terribly disgusting which made me infinitely happy. And in my opinion steals the show.

    A lot of nice elements in here with a fairly paced plot and satisfying end. And the magick was great…believable magick always is.

    The flawed but brilliant plan of the bad guy took me surprise, scared and delighted me. What a great idea! ~ Andrew Michael, Amazon Reviewer

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    Wonderful weird tale!

    It had taken Rachel more than six years to learn what sort of man Mark Jeffries was. It took True roughly fifteen seconds.

    Neat lines like this abound in Julia French’s novel ‘Hill Magick’, the kind of weird tale that MR James and Algernon Blackwood, if they were still around, would really appreciate.

    While a very confident storyteller, the thing that struck me most about this novel was both Ms French’s style and her voice. While quite conversational and colloquial, her style is deceptively complex. Look no further than the wonderful first line of the novel to see French’s gifts for both vivid and evocative imagery, ‘The lopsided loaf of bread arced through the chilly air and landed with a thunk upon the mound of garbage protruding from the overfilled dumpster.’ I find that quite cool. But once I was about twenty pages in I began to realize how rhythmic and seductive her voice was. She’s the kind of writer that lulls you along the current of her story, and then, when a few of the twists come, you are completely caught of guard.

    If I had any criticism at all about this novel, it was that I was a little sorry to see the story end. At 190 or so pages, I think it could have been just a hair longer. I don’t want to give anything away, but I think the novel is also perfectly placed for more stories set in this vividly imagined world Julia French has created. If you’re looking for a dark, supernatural novel of suspense with believable, interesting, sympathetic characters from an author with a first rate voice (the kind of welcoming, wise voice Stephen King has), Hill Magick is the book for you. ~ Troy Stoopson, Amazon Reviewer

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