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The Harlot Goddess (by N. Onym)


Author: N. Onym
Cover Artist: Ash Arceneaux
Length: Plus-Novel
Genre/s: Horror/Erotica
Violence: 5
Heat: 5

eBook: 9781629291079

Print: 9781629291086

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Her daughters will devour you…she will do worse.

She made a slave of the first man. Her name was Lilith. She committed great offenses against her gods with violent sex and black magik. When her gods punished her, she became something worse. What becomes of a shape-shifter that cannot die? A mother of shape-shifters, a mistress of serpents and devils, a devourer of men and the children of men…the Harlot Goddess.

Her legacy continues wherever night touches the Earth. The scent of your dreams arouses her. Her children are waiting for you to sleep.

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3 Responses to The Harlot Goddess (by N. Onym)


    Magick Mystery Tour?
    The Harlot Goddess by N. Onym is a dark and sensual tale centered on Lilith, the supernatural seductress after whom the novel is named. This is a highly stylized work which may well qualify as postmodernist literature in the surreal narrative that may be interpreted as the author’s literal voiceover. Most readers would concur that his pen name would be translated as Unknown (the mathematical symbol `N’ as the -nym), and the bio tells us that he gets his inspiration from Parts Unknown. By Chapter Two, there is little doubt that we are being taken on a guided tour through the netherworld, and Onym makes sure this is the next best thing to being there.

    The book is divided into five lengthy chapters which appear to correlate the Scriptural narrative from the Creation to the development of the Ancient World. Chapter One, As She Darkly Pleases, goes back to the dawn of man and the creation of magik. Chapter Two makes an allusion to the Book of Isaiah and the rebellion of Satan in The Serpent, The Son and the Morning Star. Chapter Three is as an orgiastic cross between Paradise Lost and Dante’s Inferno as we are introduced to Her Daughters, Like White Spiders..and Others. Chapter Four – Evernight becomes the consummation of evil desires and demonic lust as the communicant enters into an unending rite of intercourse with the harlot goddess. The book concludes with Whilst Gods Slumber as the communicant steps away from the netherworld to absorb the depths of depravity and eternal slavery to forbidden desire.

    This is some cutting edge stuff, and if you’ve considered reading Anton LaVey or Alistair Crowley but didn’t want to go quite that far, The Harlot Goddess by N. Onym may be a safe place to indulge your darkest fantasies. ~ Broadway Turk Superstar, Amazon Reviewer


    Be prepared to be lost to Lilith…

    The Harlot Goddess
    By: N. Onym

    The ability to create a well-written, dark novel takes on many levels when it comes to the written word.

    Many authors will follow the well-travelled tracks of predecessors who have enthralled readers with their originality, leaving the reader with a sense of wonder as to how such a creativity came to be. The stories themselves seem to place a signature mark more defining than a trade-mark; more definitive than any copy-write ever could.

    N. Onym created such a novel with his latest, The Harlot Goddess. My first suggestion when reading this book is to find a comfortable place where you can be undisturbed, and allow yourself to be fully immersed. It is not a tale for the weak of mind or heart.

    The tapestry woven in his book is as thought-provoking as it is likened to a beautifully choreographed dance. The reader is chilled to the bone by the dark hole that may have once been a woman (the beautiful antagonist Lilith), who’s single-minded purpose and drive has self-created a creature of complication so gleefully evil, that you will fear her and want to be with her at the same time, if only for a moment. But with Lilith, there is no such thing as only a moment.
    Written with stunning imagery and imagination, N. Onym will share the darkest side of pleasure and pain. The needs of her unquenchable appetite are burned into everything and everyone she touches. By the time I was finished with The Harlot Goddess, I had the feeling that if this Red Star of a woman were to only glance your way and you were unfortunate enough to glance back, you were already lost to her.

    Five stars to N. Onym for this novel based on its creativity, thought-provoking dives into a world as close to Hell as man will be allowed to go and still be allowed to live, (twisting and turning in agony of pain and ecstasy of pleasure) and for setting a precedence for those who dare to ask, “Can you scare me?” Yes, this novel answers…yes, I can. ~ Steve Soderquist, Owner of Foundations Books LLC


    A dark and enchanting journey into the madness and horrors unfurled by Lilith

    This is not a book that you read, it’s a book that you experience….

    I was truly in awe by the author’s incredibly rich fusion of words that flowed like music as I was treated to a feast of imagery for my hungry imagination. The writing is remarkable and much like a fine wine, the words therein are meant to be savored. This book tells a tale that is nothing short of fascinating…a tale that is Shakespearean and epic.

    Wildly imaginative, the story begins with the creation of Man and Woman. Though meant to be equal, Woman is wicked and ambitious as she consumes Man, devouring his very essence and giving birth to black majik in the process. Woman wields her power over Man tormentingly and torturously until she destroys his very soul, leaving him bewitched and longing for her abuse.

    Lilith is a taint…a dark stain upon primordial existence itself. Within the pages of this book, you will learn of her horrors.

    I couldn’t help but feel as though I were reading a book from the Bible—a book that should have followed Genesis, yet at the same time, never exist within such holy scriptures. This novel, in my opinion, read more like a testament than an actual story. It could easily be deemed “The Book of Lilith,” testimony to the unholy abomination who puts the “whore” in horrible.

    The writing is truly extraordinary–smooth and lyrical. I would have liked to have listened to this as an audiobook, actually. There was something so lulling and soothing within the prose irrespective of its horrific nature. I do applaud the author’s talent.


    (And perhaps I’m just an extreme horror and gore fanatic and not easily unnerved), BUT…

    I, personally, didn’t think of this work-of-art really, as scary. It was too complicated to be suspenseful. It lacked that element of anticipation, the good old-fashioned scare, that nervous tension that builds as “the plot thickens.” This is my only reason for depriving this book of the full five stars that I’m sure it deserves. But I am a lover of horror and must admit that this fell short of my expectation-ONLY because I was expecting a typical horror novel, complete with the standard elements—plot, conflict, resolution and so forth.* I would classify this book as more of a dark, epic myth than a horror novel. In fact, I like to think of it as sort of a prequel to an engaging story that the author may one day write as a follow-up.

    In any event, I was greatly impressed by the author’s immense writing ability and thank him for offering this book for free in exchange for a review. ~ Angel, Amazon Reviewer

    Or, perhaps I shall just blame Lilith….

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