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Future Imperfect (by M. Scott Chambers)


Author: M. Scott Chambers
Cover Artist: Cinsearae Santiago
Length: Novel
Genre/s: Dark Science Fiction/Time travel
Violence Level: 4
Heat Level: 3

eBook: 9781629293226

Print: 9781629293233


No one can change the past.

Sam Rahricht wakes up one morning to find that he has gone back in time thirty-one years to his childhood. Trapped in the body of a seven-year-old child and with only his unreliable memory to guide him, he must work to solve the murder that tore his family apart before it can happen again.

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3 Responses to Future Imperfect (by M. Scott Chambers)


    Murder mystery for a new age.

    Absolutely intriguing novel. There are many time-travel novels out there, but M. Scott Chambers takes it in a direction that has yet to be seen. You figure that something is off in the time-travel schema when a 38 year old’s memories are in a first grader, and the main character is trying to figure out the dynamics of time-travel. Is there more going on then what there seems to be?? It is laid out excellently.

    And you would think that stopping a murder from the past would be an easy task since you know that it is going happen, right? Hmm, not so much…

    Chambers develops a method in which to describe his characters thoughtfully and with enough questions left unanswered that the story never gets cold.
    The story is compelling and keeps you glued to the pages. Should be on Best Sellers lists everywhere!!

    Certainly worthy of anyone’s attention that is looking for a unique spin on time-travel without getting lost along the way.

    Cannot wait for the inevitable sequel. I will keep this author on the top of my ‘To Watch’ list for future novels. ~ Stevenon, Amazon Reviewer


    Loved it!

    I enjoyed the trip back in time while reading Future Imperfect. I think sometimes time travel can be difficult and confusing for a reader, but Chambers did it in such a way that made the story easy to follow.

    The characters were believable and interesting. The relationships were palpable. Parts of the story were completely heartbreaking. The pace was good and there was enough tension to make you want to continue reading.

    I’m eager to read the next book in the series– hurry up and publish it already. ~ L.Gastonon, Amazon Reviewer


    Great time travel mystery!

    Everything seems to be going well in Sam’s life and then Justin, his fiancé, goes out to run an errand and does not return. As we follow Sam on his journey to Japan in search of Justin we are introduced to an alternate story line set in the past. Sam wakes up in the body of his 1st grade self with all the knowledge of his 38 year old self. That’s when we learn Hal Sam’s older brother was murdered when Sam was in 1st grade…but Hal is alive and Sam is determined to change the past and save Hal. The two timelines become more connected as the story continues to a thrilling conclusion. This book has realistic characters, a well written time travel story and the last 1/2 of the book is very hard to put down. It’s a real page turner. If you like mysteries, time travel, humor and honest characters this book is for you. ~ William G., Amazon Reviewer

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