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The Enochian Wars: Armageddon Unleashed (by Frank Julius Palumbo)


Author: Frank Julius Palumbo
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Length: Plus-Novel
Genre/s: Horror/Dark Fantasy
Violence: 4
Heat Level: 1

eBook: 9781944579074

Print: 9781944579067


Planet Nibiru has returned from its twelve thousand year orbit around the sun, and the inhabitants, a race of giant gargoyles, will again reign as humanity’s gods. After the deployment of electromagnetic nuclear bombs, Earth is left devastated and defenseless. Jack Savage, an NYPD officer, along with his cynical partner Gilmore Boyle and Ol’ Willie-be-Good, a homeless crack addicted Vietnam veteran, begin the daunting quest of defeating the gargoyles and preventing the harvest of humanity.

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    Review by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite: 5 stars!

    The Enochian Wars: Armageddon Unleashed is a future-gothic horror fantasy novel by author Frank Julius Palumbo. An ancient planet filled with horrific winged gargoyles is about to return to an orbit beside the humble planet Earth, bringing with it a prophecy that humanity will be harvested, no soul left in existence. Whilst the whole world is thrown into chaos by the double threat of invasion and annihilation, the focus of this novel rests on New York City, where veteran cop Jack Savage is about to put his unconventional methods to the ultimate test. He has been practicing Enochian magick for some time, and the imminent worldwide destruction gives Jack a great opportunity to take on the universe.

    Frank Julius Palumbo’s omniscient narration style gives the opening of The Enochian Wars: Armageddon Unleashed, ‘a slick crime novel feel, adding believability to Jack’s character and to the incredible and horrific events which follow in the plot. Gritty and hard-nosed throughout, Palumbo creates a cast of generally very unlikable characters, whom the reader still manages to root for, feel for, and celebrate with through their moments of triumph. Willie-Be-Good is a particularly vile example whom I couldn’t get enough of. This commitment to character development, coupled with the vivid descriptive elements that one would expect from high fantasy fiction, makes for an intense read that really drives its horror elements home the more the plot goes on. Expect big action, big gore, and even bigger carnage in this apocalyptic and thrilling ride.


    Five Stars

    A thriller that is well written, fast paced and focused my interest on how it would unravel. ~ John, Amazon Reviewer


    Five Stars

    Great read, bizarre but interesting! ~ Barbara Pistone, Amazon Reviewer

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