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Donny’s Day (by Brandon Berntson)


Author: Brandon Berntson
Cover Artist: Jinger Heaston
Length: Short Story
Genre/s: Demonic/Horror/Supernatural
Violence: 3.5
Heat: 2

eBook: 9781615720590

Print: 9781615720583


At fourteen, Donny Daniels let loose a horde of demons by opening a forbidden tome. His entire family paid for his crimes. Now, years later, the past is catching up with him. The demons he unleashed are destroying the only life he’s ever known, the only peace he’s ever found, and the only woman he’s ever loved.

But Donny is scared for more than just his life. The demons of his past are not just figments of his imagination. They are very real, tormenting Donny in ways he never thought possible.

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One Response to Donny’s Day (by Brandon Berntson)


    Hybrid Character
    Donny Daniels, the maintenance man at the Day’s Inn, is a cross between a Dostoyevsky and Stephen King character. Berntson’s characterization that he is known for comes out strong in this short story. Donny’s Day is a unique piece of writing among Brandon Berntson’s works. ~ Avid Reader, Amazon Reviewer

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