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Demon (by Mike Emmett)


Author: Mike Emmett
Cover Artist: Matt Truiano
Length: Novel
Genre/s: Horror Fiction
Violence: 5
Heat: 1

eBook: 9781615724925

Print: 9781615724932

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There hasn’t been a story this scary since The Exorcist.

All Jack Torrence wanted in 1965 was to be as successful as Steven Duke, the leading horror fiction writer in the world. But how did Duke come up with those bestselling plots? Torrence learns that Duke conjured the demon Legion and allowed himself to be possessed when he was writing at his cabin in Burlington, Vermont. Legion is stronger now and Duke is weaker. Soon, the demon will take over the author’s mind, body and soul. Torrence, who contacts the author, might be Duke’s only chance at salvation. Is there enough time? And, how does Torrence end up as America’s bestselling author locked away in a mental institution in 1985?

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One Response to Demon (by Mike Emmett)


    Great writing with an interesting premise

    Those of us who write horror fiction have to often think of instances and circumstances that don’t rival repeated plots of other books. Demon is inspirational–Legion is and at what point at the cost of fame and fortune do you ever make a deal with the devil? … ~ Robert M., Amazon Reviewer

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