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Death Metal (by Mark All)


Author: Mark All
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Length: Novel
Genre/s: Horror
Violence Level 4
Heat Level: 1

eBook: 9781629292052

Print: 9781629292069

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Music from Hell has gone viral…and you’ll love it to death.

After the car crash that destroyed his band, David Fairburn has given up on life—until his song-writing partner returns from the dead to complete their final album. David signs a record deal with Jessica, a beautiful label rep, but those who stand in the way of the album’s release die one by one, and listeners become homicidal maniacs. When the concert to debut the album erupts in bloody violence, David and Jessica must prevent it from going viral and unleashing slaughter on a global scale.

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4 Responses to Death Metal (by Mark All)


    Backmasking has nothing on this
    The cover for Death Metal works well for the story within. I especially enjoyed the metal font picked for the title.

    Mark All writes a great story. He gets extra points for getting the technicalities of the music industry pretty spot on. From researching a little into the author, I took notice that he plays guitar in a band. Write what you know, and Mark All does a very good job of that.

    The story is original, as I can say I’ve never read anything quite like it. It is a little reminiscent of the story of Robert Johnson and the crossroads. A musician down on his luck has an opportunity to rule the airwaves because of the help of evil. (In the case of this book, the viral hit his song has become.) The middle of the book seemed to slow down the action and intensity a little, but by the 70% mark things were back up at full steam. Overall, the story had good progression.

    The characters in Heavy Metal were fleshed out well, especially David and Jessica. I found myself in fear for our main characters throughout the story. Vince, the antagonist, is just a vile, angry spirit looking to create a global level of violence and death.

    If you are a fan of guitar rock, definitely give Mark All’s Death Metal a try. ~ SLeedom, Amazon Reviewer


    This book is Tipper Gore’s nightmares coming true
    If you like horror books you will enjoy this and if your a musician you will really enjoy it. I’m a guitar player and fan of metal music and you can tell from the way the author writes he is a musician with a working knowledge of a recording studio. I read his book Mystic Witch and really enjoyed it and this book took his horror to a whole different level. His take on Metal Music is exactly what the PMRC thought was going to happen to all of us in the 80’s. ~ Dainel Allen, Amazon Reviewer


    Loved it!! Mark’s writing makes you feel like you are right there listening to the music at the Penumbrum concert! I couldn’t put the book down. I love it when a book keeps me so into the storyline that I have to finish it or else.. Great job!!! ~ Leigh-Anne Best, Amazon Reviewer


    I have followed the writings of Mark All for many years now. Originally Mr. All submitted to The PRG his first release Mystic Witch for review. It was a YA Paranormal story that our reviewer rated highly. When he contacted us about a second release, we rewarded him with a special Dual Review and The Spellcaster’s Grimoire release was also rated well by two reviewers this time, and we had the chance to do an interview with the author as well.

    The third release Death Metal was just received and I selfishly grabbed it up for myself. I have again not ever been disappointed with his stories as different as they are. Each book and genre Mr. All writes has given the reader the chance to grow along with the author and his writing.

    This time Mark has gone full throttle into horror and you will be spellbound until the last page. I did not want to set the story down, it captured so many emotion from me.
    I grew up in the dawn of Rock’n’Roll, a child of the 50’s. Music then was called Devil Music and parents would not want their children to listen to it. So Mark has taken this thought and The Devil has plans to end the world, thru music and thru Vince Buckley.

    Penumbra was the name of their band that almost ‘made it’ until their van had careened off the road and killed half of the group. Vince Buckley the keyboardist and guitarist David Fairburn had been the lead team in wring most of the music and Oblivion was the album they were working on. A year has passed and David has not been able to move forward since Vince’s death, like the other members have and they are worried about him

    Now David is confronted by the vision of his dead friend Vince appearing before him, handing him a safe deposit box key telling him to gather the band and re-invent the new improved Oblivion music. David knows he will sound crazy, so he gathers the band and explains he found the re worked music not daring to tell them the truth.

    The author describes the music with trebles, and triads and riffs and you feel the music through his words. You also feel the evil slowly inching out as well as these descriptions vividly come off the pages as the group slowly is drawn in to the ‘devils work’ and now how can this end? I dare you not to love this story. It has everything a horror lover enjoys, blood guts limbs, axes… Great read. My only thought was if a reader was not a music buff, would they get lost and not ‘feel’ the music? ~ Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz, Sr Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

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