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De Civitate Sanguino, The Silent War Series, Book 1 (by Brian N. Young)


Author: Brian N. Young
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Length: Plus-Novel
Genre: Horror / Steampunk / Science Fiction / Dark Fiction
Violence: 4
Heat: 2

eBook: 9781615726301

Print: 9781615726318


The Silent War Series, Book 1

Sometimes the greatest mysteries and horrors lie right before our eyes.

Four odd hand-picked individuals, by President Lincoln, for the Bureau of Indian Affairs are sent into Indian Territory in 1865 to ‘cleanse’ it and enforce the Indian Act of 1835. The experience is seen through the eyes of the leader John Malcolm, a former bounty-hunter, who leads an ex-Confederate soldier, a Madam and a Creek shaman. This was not a routine job from the beginning, and gradually they discover why the region they explore is called No Man’s Land, and its dark and hidden secrets that sleep within. Their world will never be the same again after this journey.


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