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Dark Muse (by David C. Smith)


Author: David C. Smith
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Length: Novel
Genre: Thriller
Violence: 2
Heat: 1

eBook: 9781615728282

Print: 9781615728299

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People don’t live. Only stories live.
Jack Mathis, a bright young book editor in Chicago, has found the next great American writer. Yet this anonymous genius is inspired to create in the darkest way imaginable: he picks his victims carefully, murders them gruesomely, then gives them new life in the best stories Jack has ever read.
The writer knows all about Jack. All about his wife. Knows everything. He has more stories in mind, too. Jack wants them. What is he willing to do to get them?

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2 Responses to Dark Muse (by David C. Smith)


    Really like this book.

    If you like this kind of books, this is for you. Read a lot by this author. Hope he writes more and soon. ~ Carol, Amazon Review


    Darkness in Broad Daylight

    Dark Muse terrifies the reader by showing just how easily evil becomes art and insinuates itself into the life it imitates until the two become indistinguishable. David C. Smith paints a believable quotidian Chicago as the backdrop for bizarre obsession and murder. A twisted genius forces protagonist Jack Mathis to delve into questions we’d rather not ask: What do our admirers tell us about ourselves? Do we inform them, or do they inform us? And what sacrifices might they make unbidden to our genius if they take what we say too literally? “Whatever gets you writing” becomes a license for unbridled brutality and drives one of the scariest plots I’ve read in a long time to its unexpected denouement.

    Smith writes, “People die.. . . Stories Live.” This one will live in your nightmares. ~ Fred Adams, Amazon Review

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