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Dark Equinox, Iona Kyle Series, Book 1 (by Ian Jarvis)


Author: Ian Jarvis
Length: Novel
Genre/s: Paranormal / Urban Fantasy
Violence: 2
Heat: 1

eBook: 9781629292090

Print: 9781629292106


Iona Kyle Series, Book 1

Psychic visions of absolute evil.

The moon is full and the people of Edinburgh are scared. They have good reason—a maniac is killing women and carving pentagram symbols into their bodies.

Fake clairvoyant, Philip Tarot sees one of the victims being dumped and faces a choice. Reporting the incident makes him a mundane eyewitness, anonymous and quickly forgotten, but passing the information as psychic visions will take Phil down a different path to fame. Life changes overnight with the latter option. The killer is caught and the media love their new celebrity, but the limelight brings unwelcome attention from genuine psychic, Iona Kyle.

More disturbingly, Phil is approached by the Sorority, a powerful occult circle presided over by Jessica Crowley, granddaughter of the magician Aleister Crowley. The murders, Iona realizes, were the start of something much bigger—and something unbelievably evil.

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