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Chloe of the Night, Nightwalkers, Book 2 (by Keith Kekic)


Author: Keith Kekic
Cover Artist: Cinsearae Santiago
Length: Plus-Novel
Genre/s: Horror / Dark Fantasy
Violence: 4
Heat Level: 2

eBook: 9781615724802

Print: 9781615724819


Nightwalkers, Book 2

They thought I was crazy. They told me it was all in my head. For years I believed them. Then I found a note, and a blade, and I now realize that although I turned my back to the night, it never turned its back on me. It just keeps calling me back.

We called ourselves nightwalkers. Together we ruled the night; alone I broke us apart. I now search for them in the darkness, their shining green eyes, their silver blades, but I find nothing but empty streets bathed in moonlight, and the lonely cry of crickets. What has become of them? My question is answered by our old enemies. They call themselves Legion. They walk on our streets, hellfire eyes as crimson as their blades. I see others–freaks, degenerates roaming the darkness. The night has changed, and not for the better.

I need to find her. The girl I gave my sanity for. Maybe she is out there somewhere, waiting for me. She is my only hope for redemption. She is perhaps the last of her kind. She is… Chloe of the night.

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One Response to Chloe of the Night, Nightwalkers, Book 2 (by Keith Kekic)


    Fantastic Follow up to Nightwalkers

    The author sets a unique moody tone that rivals most other horror books. I really felt like I was in the world that he created on paper. Excellent, fun and spooky story. ~ Dennis Paul, Amazon Review

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