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Chapel of the Falcon (by Matt Spencer)


Author: Matt Spencer
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Length: Novella
Genre: Dark Fantasy / Historical Fantasy / Heroic Adventure / Gothic Horror / Magic / Supernatural
Violence: 4
Heat: 2

eBook: 9781629291239

Print: 9781629291246


Victorian Whitechapel pub owner, Frederick Hawthorne discovers the ominous origin of an otherworldly pocket watch. Soon he is caught in a feud between ancient beings, stretching back to the witch trials of the seventeenth century.

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One Response to Chapel of the Falcon (by Matt Spencer)


    Visceral horror done right

    I picked this one up as I thoroughly enjoy Matt Spencer’s other work, the contemporary urban fantasy Deschembine series. This is a bit different, as it follows the adventures of Frederick Hawthorne, bartender and, for lack of a better term, problem solver.

    The setting of the book is the smoke of Victorian London, but Spencer doesn’t linger there, setting off for the countryside of as well. Spencer paints a vivid picture, hooking the reader and dragging them in to a myriad plot dealing with witches, pacts, and otherworldly spirits.

    Hawthorne’s earthy nature grounds the story well, but my biggest complaint is that very little is revealed about the protagonist. The reader is left with little idea as to why Hawthorne gets involved, other than it’s the end of the world and he kind of lives here too. He comes across a bit as a Victorian era John Constantine, and would fit in well with that trench coat wearing, chain smoking wizard.

    As a final note, CHAPEL of the FALCON is not for the squeamish or faint of heart as there is some decidedly visceral imagery played to devastating effect. ~ Matthew X. Gomez, Amazon Review

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