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Cannibal Man (by Dorothy Knight)


Author: Dorothy Knight
Cover Artist: Ash Arceneaux
Length: Novel
Genre/s: Crime / Horror
Violence: 5
Heat: 5

eBook: 9781615729753

Print: 9781615729760

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“A woman is raped every sixteen seconds in South Africa.”  ~ South African Government Statistics 2012

Four women have had their faces eaten off while being brutally raped. Detectives Timothy Sauer and George Hobbs from the Serious Crimes Unit, are assigned to the cases and have to deal with missing evidence, a corrupt state and bribery within the South African Police Services.

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One Response to Cannibal Man (by Dorothy Knight)


    Original setting makes for gripping, serial killer procedural

    What makes a serial killer a serial killer? Messina-born Dorothy Knight takes us on that journey in the setting of Johannesburg where crime and corruption slither down alleys hand in hand.
    As we follow the investigation of hardened cops Sauer and Hobbs we also take a glimpse into the fate of Henry, a boy turned vicious killer. Bite marks are his calling card but crime scenes leave little forensic evidence for the detectives who grasp at straws to save the next victim.
    Although cold and grim, Knight allows some sun and humor to shine on her characters. A romance starts to blossom, a friendship with a new pathologist emerges. But darkness seems victorious until justice is served by Hobbs in a land where corruption changes not only laws but people. A satisfying and quick end may leave you wondering what other tales Knight is spinning. ~ Gary P. Starta. Amazon Review

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