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Bloodline (by Scott Alan Wade)


Author: Scott Alan Wade
Cover Artist: Cinsearae Santiago
Length: Plus-Novel
Genre: Horror / Thriller
Violence: 4
Heat: 3

eBook: 9781629292328

Print: 9781629292335

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After night falls, blood will flow!

There are monsters amongst us. Keeping to shadow and darkness, they blend in, assimilating into society. There is no better place for them to hide than under the neon lights of Las Vegas. They are strong. They are ruthless, and now they own the Eclipse Hotel.

Once you’ve been drawn into their world…you cannot escape…no one can. Think twice about your next Vegas vacation.

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One Response to Bloodline (by Scott Alan Wade)


    Different twist on the Vampire legends

    I found this a fun and exciting story with just enough “OMG, cover your eyes” graphic horror moments to keep me glued to each page. A very cool look at the city of Las Vegas and the people who come out after dark. I recommend this to readers with strong stomachs who like a more adult view of the supernatural. ~ Sherri McKenzie, Amazon Review

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