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Big Red Flowers (by Ryan Ambia)


Author: Ryan Ambia
Cover Artist: Cinsearae Santiago
Length: Novel
Genre/s: Magic/Dark Erotica
Violence Level: 1
Heat Level: 3.5

eBook: 9781629290454

Print: 9781629290461

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Based on a true story.

Set in the harsh urban environment of Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, Big Red Flowers is based on a true story. It is the story of Brett and Stella, born of different races and of divergent backgrounds. It is a story of love, of passion, and eroticism. It is also a story about life in urban Africa, about the very real effects of African witchcraft, and of lives devastated by people unknown, and forces unseen.

Big Red Flowers will surprise Western readers and will shock a great many too. It is a tragic story that ultimately leaves readers to ponder just how wrong things can go when disparate worlds collide…

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    A Gripping Tale in the Heart of Africa
    It’s a heart-rending story of love in which Ryan Ambia manages to condense the aspects of love and heartache we all experience into one powerfully dramatic relationship. He captures the essence of how our hearts can entwine only to run up against our own destructive natures. True love can be joy, but it can also be pain and I watched enthralled with deepening empathy at their efforts to connect were littered with hope and misunderstanding. The more I read, the more the characters developed, the more the story took hold. I slowed my reading pace and began to treat the novel more like a TV show, where I’d get my daily episode and so let the story unfold more slowly. I don’t want to spoil the story for prospective readers so let me just say that the characters, the plot and the cultural back story unfold in wonderful depth and detail as the story progresses. It’s an intriguing story where there are no obstacles to the protagonists’ love except in themselves and their social divides. It will grip you and transport you. Once you have begun the journey, you will want to tread the path to the very end. The final twists and turns left me with much to think about and looking forward to his next work – a great read. ~ Gillian, Amazon Reviewer

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