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Betrayal, Blood and Ashes Series, Book 1 (by Michele Acker)


Author: Michelle Acker

Cover Artist: Ash Arceneaux

Length: Novel

Heat:  2

Violence: 4

eBook: 9781615720576

Print: 9781615720569


Sacrifice, Blood and Ashes Series, Book 1

Sorea, a sword-for-hire, is desperately trying to survive in a man’s world. With the brutal murder of her family, and the kidnapping of her nieces, she and her devoted partner Daryn struggle to find a way to defeat the evil Sorceress responsible: one whose power is so strong her enemies can do little to stop her. The stakes are higher than just the lives of a few children, however, as the Sorceress Valina readies a spell that will render all women barren. The two mercenaries face difficult choices as they seek to locate a mysterious weapon, the only thing capable of destroying both the Sorceress and the evil dominion she rules. However, unknown to Valina, trouble brews inside her empire and her eventual downfall may well come from within her own ranks.

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