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Amish Apocalypse (by James Daughety)


Author: James Daughety
Cover Artist: Ash Arceneaux
Length: Novel
Genre/s: Horror/TimeTravel
Violence: 3
Heat: 1

eBook: 9781629290997

Print: 9781629291000


In the year 2513, Ted Bundy and Jack the ripper are brought into the future to lead a group of notorious serial killers to help the Old Order Amish defeat a hoodoo queen who sees the Amish expansion into her territory as a direct threat. To retaliate, she kills and then resurrects the Amish children and leads them against their kin in battle, thinking the pacifist Amish will not fight against their children, dead or alive. However, they’ve found a way…

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    Border Wars and Bad Guys?

    Amish Apocalypse by James Daughety is a darkly satirical, futuristic horror story centered on a border conflict between two communities along the Mississippi-Louisiana border. After five world wars have decimated mankind and destroyed its technology (along with the secret of time travel), scattered populations have managed to avoid annihilation by clinging to their time-honored traditions. Among these are the resettled Amish of Mississippi and the Creole tribes of Louisiana. Bishop Jacob Yoder of the Mississippi Settlement at Ponototoc County has made a pact in hell by agreeing to bring some of history’s most notorious serial killers through time to form a squad to match the evil of Queen Serafine, whose voodoo cult threatens to destroy the Amish in a protracted war of attrition.

    Much of the irony comes from the Amish perspective, as the technologically-challenged cult has survived for centuries without modern convenience, as have the Creoles of the swamplands. Yet along with their skills in adapting and overcoming comes their ancient beliefs. Bishop Yoder adheres to a traditionalist set of rules that begin conflicting with those of Noah and Hannah, who identify with the ‘dirty dozen’ and their predatory philosophies. Yoder discusses sin and ‘shunning’ the reprobates among the congregation while the Noah and Hannah, along with their team of killers, are planning their ‘Amish apocalypse’ confrontation with Queen Serafine’s zombie army. There’s a whole lot of thrills in the setup, and the climactic conflict with the voodoo cult meets our expectations.

    Daughety uses ingredients from a number of genres to prepare this tantalizing recipe. There are more than a couple of comedic episodes during which Aileen Wuornos, John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dahmer become the main speakers in highly-stylized dialogues as the ‘task force’ tries to play nicely and run with scissors together. We also have an intriguing subplot in which the Zooks, Noah and Hannah, reveal a dark side of their own that makes them the equal of their psychopathic cohorts. In throwing them up against the child-killing voodoo cult, both the author and the audience appear to be content to let God (or the Devil) sort them out.

    If you’re looking for a horror novel that strays far off the beaten path and doesn’t fail to entertain, Amish Apocalypse by James Daughety is the one you’ve been waiting for. ~ Broadway Turk Superstar, Amazon Reviewer

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