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Aetas Furor: The Time of Madness (by Harry S. Franklin)


Author: Harry S. Franklin
Cover Artist: Dawné Dominique
Length: Plus-Novel
Genre/s: Horror / Historical Fiction / Zombie
Violence: 4
Heat: 3

eBook: 9781629290294

Print: 9781629290300

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Zombies vs. Romans!

The year is 37 AD; a mysterious living severed head is delivered to Rome from the far reaches of the Eastern Empire. The head, and a lone Chinese monk arrive in the city of Capua, near Rome’s capitol. They have been captured by the Roman Governor of Syria and sent to Rome as holy gifts for the Emperor—the notorious tyrant, Caligula.

Before the head magistrate of Capua—a Roman named Pullus—can make the arrangements to speed the bizarre gift to the Emperor, the magically animated severed head bites the finger of a ferocious Centurion; and the real fun begins.

The curse of the Dead spreads through Capua like a field of wheat set ablaze, but Rome does not care, all her Emperor cares for is the arrival of the head—now called the living head of Apollo—and the magic and power this will bring him.

Pullus struggles to combat the Dead and save his citizens, but as the numbers of Dead grow exponentially, he realizes he is fighting a losing battle—the Madness has taken hold. Convinced the head of Apollo is a powerful omen of his own divinity, Caligula demands the head be sent to him in a Triumphal Parade, and the Madness begins in Rome itself.

Conflict is set between Pullus and Caligula—pragmatism vs. outlandish caprice, man vs. the will of the gods—but can anyone save Rome? Perhaps the narrator, young Atticus, and the lone Chinese monk he has befriended have the answer.

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6 Responses to Aetas Furor: The Time of Madness (by Harry S. Franklin)


    A true historical account.

    The Time of Madness is a truly unique read. Zombie lovers beware, this book is for you. Historical fiction fans beware, this book is for you too! Having read the last one hundred pages in a single day, I can personally vouch for the intensity and pacing of the book, although I must admit there were a few points near the beginning/middle where the suspense waned. While this may have been fuelled, in part, by the author’s attempt to write this novel as if it were a true historical account (hence distancing the reader at times), I found this particular technique to be simultaneously entertaining. Having read a number of Plutarch’s Lives, and studying the Roman Republic, I came to appreciate the author’s extensive research, use of historical terminology, and authorial tone. That being said, the above was a minor point of negativity, which paled in comparison to the overall masterpiece. My biggest criticism, therefore, would be the lack of time we spent with Atticus, the primary protagonist. While Pullus’ struggle was indeed fascinating, the same level of character investment simply wasn’t present. All in all, however, this was one of my favourite reads. His recreation of Caligula, in particular, gave the story a truly fascinating, spine-chilling villain.Harry S. Franklin is clearly a talented storyteller, and I look forward to reading more of his work. ~ BT, Amazon Review


    Awesome Book: fast paced, great plot, realistic dialogue, and a fantastic array of characters

    This book was fantastic! I didn’t want to put it down; it’s one of those books you find yourself reading for hours on end without realizing it. The plot was fast paced and action packed. Although this book falls into the alternative history genre, the famous cast of characters and political machinations between them, lent credibility to the author’s interpretation of a monumental event in world history. In particular I enjoyed the characters repartee because it was written so well; it reminded me of many banter sessions I’ve had with my buddies. Furthermore, as a veteran I can say that the dialogue and repartee between the soldiers really represented the espirit de corp that fellow soldiers share. Awesome! ~ Sequoia Evleshin, Amazon Review


    A wild ride!

    What a wild ride. I love historical fiction and a book about Caligula would be wild enough for most. But throw in ZOMBIES vs ROMAN Legions, with a martial arts ass-kicking Chinese monk and you’ve got yourself a wild ride! And a good read. The historical elements are accurate and the techniques used by the Roman Legions are well documented. I almost believed it actually happened. With our government in a state of paralysis as it is today, would our military be able to get it together in time to stop such an event or would the conflagration go through us like fire rippling across a field of ripe wheat? ~ Karol J. Mendez, Amazon Review


    Where do I put the sixth star?

    I don’t know how you could ask for anything more from a book about zombies, set in Ancient Rome, co-starring Caligula…..and Kung Fu!!!!! It was a quick read, but really has a rich amount of depth. In the light of the current zombie craze, this book is up there as some of the most ingenious creativity, and pure entertainment. Zombie fans and history fans alike need to get their hands on this book. ~ Cait Cohen, Amazon Review


    Real Page Turner

    Romans and Zombies, what’s not to like. Franklin brilliantly creates an original story rooted it in ancient history. It was a fast paced, quick read where the pages just flew. Impressive debut book! ~ Liz Miller, Amazon Review


    A pinnacle of success.

    Finished it quick. Great pace of writing. Would like to see more from this author. I read this like the wind and jammed to right this review. A lot of balls to connect the two genres. Congrats. ~ Ronda Vidmar, Amazon Review

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