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About Damnation Books

Damnation Books was born from the hearts of those who love dark fiction and are tired of wading through romance e-publishers and shrinking bookstore shelves to find their horror, dark fantasy, paranormals, thrillers, science fiction, and dark-themed erotica. We’ve heard your cries, “We want our own plane of existence!” Damnation Books was born to serve you lovers of the dark, The Damned Nation, whatever shadows you may occupy.

If you want your fiction to cut fast and in your face, we are the place for you. If you want to huddle in the quiet moonlight, cradling that book in your trembling hands, we have a place for you. Whether we read by the screen of our hand held or on the crisp pages of parchment, the fire burns in all of us. Let none go away untouched by it.

We don’t ask you to sell your soul; you can keep your arms and legs. We’re affordable enough to bring dark fiction kicking and screaming into the future…your future!

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